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Who We Are

Klever Enough

We are proud to introduce ourselves as a reputable plastic recycling consultancy
and trading company, dedicated to upholding the principles of transparent
communication and fair trade of recyclables. At the core of our operations, we
prioritize providing long-term recycling solutions and seamlessly meeting the raw
material demands of our valued customers. In doing so, we aim to facilitate the
entry of Made in Turkey recycled resins into the global market, thereby fostering
growth for Turkish producers.

Operating in accordance with the highest ethical standards and industry
regulations, we meticulously handle waste from all sources. Our unwavering
commitment to the environment shines through our partnerships, as we actively
strive to divert waste from landfills and instead transform plastics into value-
added raw materials.

With extensive professional experience in the recycling industry, we understand
the significance of cultivating strong and honest relationships. In fact, they form
the foundation upon which our operations are built.

What sets us apart is our robust global network, which empowers us to deliver
exceptional results. Additionally, our wealth of knowledge serves as the engine
driving our success…

What We Do


We specialize in procuring recyclables and recycled raw materials that are
specifically tailored to meet the requirements of our customers’ recycling / manufacturing operations. Our role is pivotal in the initial phase of the recyclables journey, as we ensure that waste or scrap materials are securely acquired and transferred into responsible hands for recycling, ultimately transforming them into valuable and sustainable products.


We collaborate with recycling and manufacturing partners to uphold superior
standards in efficient recycling and manufacturing. Our objective is to optimize
their production by utilizing appropriate materials and equipment in processes
that prioritize responsible production.


Our role in marketing involves guiding our customers in establishing markets for the sale and utilization of recyclables and recycled raw materials. In this capacity, we serve as the primary intermediary connecting recyclers with manufacturers.

How We Do

Identify & Clarify the Demand

Capturing customer demand involves conducting regular interactions with clients in order to gather and define their specific requirements. This practice allows for a deeper comprehension of their needs and allows for the tailoring of our offerings to meet those needs effectively.

Consolidate and Verify

Engage in substantial collaboration with our valued clients, continuously
evaluating our processes to improve the efficiency of workflow, promoting long- term sustainability, and striving for increased productivity.

Acquire Necessary Materials / Inspect Standard

Select and organize suitable materials that align with client needs and perform comprehensive evaluations of source-based materials.

Act Rapidly

To achieve sustainable production, we ensure careful monitoring of the efficient delivery of necessary resources.



For more information about our products and services please contact us.

Klever Polimer Dis Ticaret Ltd. Sti.

Cumhuriyet Mh. Fatih Sultan Mehmet Blv.
Cadde 224, Block A No:41/A W1,
Nilüfer, Bursa, Turkey

Phone: +90 (224) 909 8112

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