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Who We Are

Klever Enough

We are a plastic recycling consultancy who puts transparent communication and fair trade of recyclables in the center of our business. We are providing long-term recycling solutions and constantly covering our customers raw material demands while opening doors for Made in Turkey recycled resins for Turkish producers in global market.

We ensure that all waste regardless the origin of the source is handled in a legislative and ethical way. Klever Polymers works in partnership with the environment to divert waste from landfill whenever possible and watches processes closely that plastics turns into value-added raw materials.

Having professional background in the recycling industry, strong and honest relationships lie in the heart of how we work.

Our global network is our power and our knowledge is our engine…

What We Do


We source recyclables and recycled raw materials for our customers which are suitable for their recycling/manufacturing plants. This is where the journey of recyclables starts as waste or scrap then by end up in liable hands to be recycled and turn into value-added products.


We cooperate with recyclers/manufacturers to reach the highest standards of efficient recycling/manufacturing. Maximize their production with right material usage and equipment’s in processes concerning responsible production.


We lead our customers to build markets to sell and use recyclables and recycled raw materials regarding this we act as the key liaison between recyclers and manufacturers.

How We Do

Register the demand

Daily communication with our customers to define their needs.

Regroup and Cross Check

Come together with our customers and review our processes countless times to improve our workflow; make it more impactful, sustainable and productive.

Source the need / Inspect the Quality

Find the best materials according to do customers needs and inspect the material in the source.

Move Fast

For sustainable production, we keep our eyes on the way that we deliver the needs fast.



For more information about our products and services please contact us.

Klever Polimer Dis Ticaret Ltd. Sti.

Cumhuriyet Mh. Fatih Sultan Mehmet Blv.
Cadde 224, Block A No:41/A W1,
Nilüfer, Bursa, Turkey

Email: info@kleverpolymers.com
Phone: +90 (224) 909 8112

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